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Creative Psychotherapy
for Creative People

Living your best life is an art. It requires great effort, conscious choices and practiced skill. Like art, your life is something you create with intention.

The countless decisions you make each day slowly sculpt your present and your future. Are you choosing new possibilities or clinging to the past? Are you trapped in a cycle of negative thinking? Are you stuck in a story that doesn't feel yours?

Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself. Let us guide you in a process towards long-term growth, self-actualization, and deeper self-knowledge.


Psychotherapy services focused on:


I want to make something great, but I don't trust myself. I want to be more consistent with my work, but I don't feel like I can actually commit. I'm getting in my own way.


Body Image

I don't like my body. Food is my best friend or my worst enemy. Eating around other people is something I try to avoid. I can't stop comparing myself to other people. I wish I could trade my body for someone else's.

I moved here with so much energy and hope. Now I feel like I have plateaued. Can I really thrive out here? I don't quite have what I need yet to take my career to the next level.



I either have it all together or I am falling apart. I joke and say that I'm a hot mess, but I'm not 21 anymore. I feel bad about myself, but making healthy choices in the moment doesn't seem possible.

I am always attracted to the wrong people to date. I take care of others a lot. I feel like the people in my life do not encourage me to grow and are holding me back. 



I can't get my thoughts to slow down. I put so much pressure on myself. What are other people thinking of me? Do they know how anxious I am right now? My inner critic tells me that I will never be good enough.


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