Creative Psychotherapy for Creative People 


Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy
Based in Echo Park, L.A.

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Like art, your life is something
you create with intention.


The countless decisions you make each day steadily sculpt your present and future.
Are you embracing new possibilities or clinging to the past?
Are you trapped in a cycle of negative thinking? 
Are you ready to make a change?

We can help you break the pattern.



Is your perfectionism exhausting you or preventing you from progressing? Are obsessive thoughts getting stuck on repeat and hijacking your focus? Do you suffer from panic attacks that overwhelm your entire body?

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Are you incessantly comparing your body to others’? Do you lose too much time to thinking and worrying about food? Are you using food to manage painful feelings like shame or regret?



Are you constantly attracted to the wrong people who aren’t really there for you? Do you spend too much time taking care of other people and not yourself? Are you surrounded by people who hold you back instead of helping you grow?


Do you feel like you’re taking on too much and feeling burnt out? Does making healthy choices for yourself in the moment seem impossible? Are you not living in the present?


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