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Dr. Vanessa Spooner

Creativity requires you to trust yourself and listen to your intuition. If you are feeling blocked, somehow you are holding yourself back. Together we will dive deep into your creative process and uncover how to help you work the most effectively. Each person's process is unique — I'll help you develop a structure that will inspire you to refine your creative voice and give your gifts to the world. 

Psychotherapy is a creative space. I believe that therapy is both a science and an art. My training has centered on contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy. This approach focuses on the unconscious — that there are things that impact our decisions that we are not aware of. My approach will help you understand your unconscious dynamics in order to bring more balance and choice into your life. I also use my intuition and pull from other approaches, such as mindfulness meditation, dialectical behavioral therapy, and the trauma resiliency model.

Open yourself up to new experiences. Living with anxiety, or being in unhealthy relationships leaves you repeating negative experiences over and over again. Have you felt stuck and powerless in your life? Psychotherapy allows you to tap into your vulnerability and guides you towards truly taking care of yourself. I love working with people and helping them discover all of the possibilities that are out there when they feel strong enough to let go of old ways of being or thinking. Uncovering new facets of ourselves brings about a true shift in character that can help bring you towards a happy and healthy future.

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Danielle Syslo, AMFT

You know that being an artist is what gives you purpose, it’s what makes your heart sing. Life as a creative professional can also be an emotional rollercoaster. Struggles with perfectionism, feelings of insecurity or self doubt, finding your authentic voice, relationship issues or a life out of balance can all hinder your ability to create the work that gives you meaning. In a quest to live a full, creative and emotionally satisfying life, we will inevitably run up against some of these challenges, unexpected changes and new experiences.

I believe that we are relational beings and that carrying these burdens alone can leave us feeling isolated, ashamed, and undeserving of love and connection. In my work as a therapist, I provide a safe space for us to explore your thoughts and feelings without judgement or censorship. We will explore unconscious emotional challenges as well as cycles of negative thinking that may keep you stuck. I am invested in helping you create a life with a clearer sense of self, purpose and deeper connection in your relationships. I use a mix of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT), as well as mindfulness techniques. I also carry my own unique perspective on the challenges facing those pursuing work in creative fields and industries.

I am a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (IMF 90632) employed and supervised by Vanessa Spooner, Psy.D. (PSY 24942) at Atwater Village Therapy. 


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